About The Trash Gremlin

Mellow, young, wild and free

I'm just a girl trying to figure out who I am exactly. And yes, that's allowed to happen all your life, you don't have to always know straight away.

So, I'm Davina! A UK born, American raised lunatic. I spent my childhood in America in the beautiful forested areas of Washington State then moved back to the UK in my late teens where I now live by the seaside with my amazing fiancé and our demon furbaby. (this furbaby is in the form of a black cat named Loki. And believe me, he fits that name well!)

I love making things, baking things, drawing, writing, learning new skills and trying new self-care routines. I've also taken up learning witchcraft/paganism again after years of back and forth on it and life pulling me bak to it. I'm still learning and discovering so bare with me and maybe help me along the way! 

I'd love to connect to people as I've alway had trouble making friends and getting close to people but I'd like to change that.

I'll stop rambling as you'll get to know me as time goes on and I post me things so stay tuned to see all my nonsense!

Much love, Davina <3