Bella Forever: Hit me with that face mask!

Hello lovely beauties!

I hope you are all doing well and this lockdown isn't making you to crazy because I know it's doing my head in just a tiny bit. But let's move on to what we're here for. My face mask experience with the clay masks from Bella Forever. If you haven't seen my first post about it, then the link is below so read if you wanna.

Click to read the first blog - Bella Forever: I'm a sucker for beauty ads.

So as I sit here writing this I had to hit my face (not literally of course!) with some of the 'Mint Refreshing' Face and Body Mist. Since lockdown started here in the UK I've barely worn any makeup and my skin is thanking me for it. BUT it is also begging for better skincare routines so I've included this mist during the day to make me feel good. Plus it smells great, minty goodness! I use this whenever I remember and because it's on my beauty table near my bed when I see it it's a good reminder for a sprints.

Now onto the face masks themselves. If you've seen my previous post then you'll have roughly seen the two I have. But if you haven't then here they are. I have the 'Black Velvet' for Clarifying and 'Hawaii Twist' for Hydration.

'Black Velvet' as described is an activated charcoal mask that helps acne and blackheads.

"A miracle for blackheads and acne-prone skin"

Most people have heard of activated charcoal over the last few years. It's been used in toothpaste, face washes, even drink and food (like really? WTF?!? why would you eat it?!?). So you know it's good for drawing out impurities. And this is what 'Black Velvet' does, it uses it's abrasive nature to remove dead skin and leaves your skin feeling and looking more clear, refreshed and ready for your best. With Activated Charcoal, Green Clay, Tea Tree and Lavender your skin will start to feel and look great in no time.

This for me, is a must as I've suffered terribly for years with my skin. I've seen so many doctors and been on all kinds of meds and different skincare routines and nothing ever hit the problem. (I do have a good routine that I've been using for the past year now that I'll share in another blog that has helped. It's not these products but it's worked for me and adding these masks its giving me that boost I need).

Since having 'Black Velvet' I've used it about two times a week and the difference it's made to how my blackheads break out has been amazing. They used to bug me to the point I'd be using a blackhead tool like a madwoman and I HATE doing that. But now, when I look in my mirror (magnified or not) I feel good seeing them pretty much invisible!

Heres my lovely mug with the charcoal mask on (and in my picachu onesie to boot) looking hella good!

And now there's 'Hawaii Twist'. This little beauty is for dry skin and sensitive skin giving you that moisture you so desperately needs in these hard days we put our skin through.

"Restores, purify, exfoliate, smoothens and evens out your skin tone."

A mask like this is made of Yellow and White clay that really digs down and gives your skin the nutrients it needs to begin forming new skin cells and defending itself better from the daily wear and tear our modern day lives have on our bodies. This combination of clays will help improve your skin tone, as alot of us sensitive skinned lovely will most likely suffer from discolouration/reddness (and I know that's a downer for me when I want my skin to look it's best without makeup on), deep cleanse all those impurities while hydrating and locking in that lovely softness we all aim to achieve to stay looking youthful and amazing!

Now with this one I only use it once a week to give back to my skin after the harshness I've put her through, give back to her as she is sensitive and has been all my life and to balance out the use of 'Black Velvet' letting my skin know I love her so I feed her thirst. (Is that weird I'm talking about my skin as if it was a person? Hmmmm...) What you drag out you gotta give little love and affection back. It's a balance we all must try to achieve for our own personal beauty hopes.

Both are as you can see, a powdered clay in a screw top container. So that means:

  • You can mix it with whatever you chose. Water, honey, whatever works for your skin! (I use a small amount of water at the moment but will test it with other ideas asap)

  • You can choose the amount of powder you need so no wastage.

  • The powder form can sit on your shelf and wait for when you want to use it and it won't go off as it has NO chemicals/addititives.

  • It's not activated until you add water etc so you don't have to worry about the product going off at all.

That part there, that's huge. No chemicals, All natural, 100% Vegan, Cruelty Free, Gluten Free. The works. It's what we all seem to be looking for these days with how we're becoming more conscious of where and what our products have in them and are tested on. Thats a bonus. These also smell good, light smells, fruity fragrances. I'm in love.

Alright, I think I've rambled on enough, right? I think you get that I'm IN LOVE with these masks and will clearly be keeping them in my beauty arsenal for all my self-care needs. And hopefully I've convinced even one person to check out Bella Forever and maybe even give it a try. I know I didn't regret it! So click the link below if you're intrigued, let the curiosity take hold.....

Bella Forever. 100% Natural Beauty.

Much love and stay safe,


P.S. Keep an eye out for promotions she'll have on quite frequently as who doesn't love a good treat?

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