Bella Forever: I'm a sucker for beauty ads!

I CANNOT be the only girl (or guy, I'm sure there are some of you out there that fall for this too but I'm just being specificish) in the world that falls for those random beauty ads that pop up on our social media timelines right? Good I'm glad I'm not. I won't lie, this month I've ended up with three different products to try because:

1. It's lockdown and I can't help myself and have to "window shop" to keep sane.

2. I'm a sucker. Clearly.

3. This lockdown has become all about alittle more self-care and love.

4. I like trying new things. Especially if I can get it for a good price/discount!

5. I. AM. A. SUCKER.

But let me say right now, if you come across an ad for Bella Forever UK don’t think “oh great, ANOTHER lure in for something" that’s not gonna work for me because it‘s not! I’m serious, I’m so happy I gave this one a whirl and it’s changed my idea of face masks forever ♾

Right away when I opened the box I loved the pink paper, “handmade with love” sticker and the lovely handwritten note on the back of the insert card. It’s always about the special personal touches! Then there was my goodies and my goodness I was not disappointed!

Now before I go into it, this lovely lady doesn’t just sell her face masks, mists etc she also has subscriptions with each choice of three types you get more choice and know you’re continually supporting an independent business woman. (I’ve gone for the monthly one of £12.90 each month as it’s the basic one and I get a face mask each month (which is normally around £14.99)) and it will get me into the routine of using them as I'm terrible for not keeping up this basic self-care mode.

So my little box. Yea, there’s more than just my one face mask from my subscription here so I’ll explain. Before I did the subscription I went ahead and bought a face mask and as there was a “Buy one get one free” and I went for it! Then I signed up and believe me I’ve never had such lovely customer service as I‘ve had with this brand! I got a message from Annabella, the founder of Bella Forever noticing I’d ordered the offer on face masks and signed up and if I wanted to switch out my monthly mask for another option she suggested and I was all for it. Who am I to knock a girl for being so kind and caring? This girl had my approval big time now! So that’s where the face mist came in and boy oh boy I LOVE that mist, it smells amazing and feels so cool on the skin (oh and the brush was a welcome gift for subscribing and I so needed in of those in my arsenal of beauty tools!).

Would I recommend trying Bella Forever? Hell yes I would! This is a small business run by a girl passionate about natural products for your skin and that's what it's all about now. Moving away from so many chemicals and getting back to basics and naturalism. As her website says:

"Natural, Organic, Vegan & Cruelty Free Skincare Products"

So if you love all of those points, believe in a better way of starting to live and treat your skin better and with products that "have 5 ingredients or less" in them then you NEED to try these goodies out.

Plus there's usually a promotion on a lot of the time so you're bound to not only fall in love with a new face mask but get a lovely discount if you catch it all at the right time!

So yes, I totally approve of these products and will definitely keep using them as I myself am trying to move more towards a better, cleaner, more aware me. I'll try to have a review of one of the face masks up soon so look out for that as some point.

Until then, stay safe!


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