How have I not gone mad yet?

I'm starting week 4 of the lockdown the county is in and how have I not gone mad? I've barely left the house, only for essentials and made the occasional jog but how am I still sane?..... Or have I actually lost it and I don't know it?

Now I'm to going to complain, I'm grateful for the time to be home spending it with my cat and fiancé, but can I be honest? Even though we spend pretty much most of our free time together, we NEVER have had this much time together. I mean, it's so nice because we get to catch up on series we love from the past (currently watching the X-Files all over again. Childhood favourite) and new ones that have been on our watch list for what seems like a millennia (I've finally finished You season 2 and WTF Joe, WTF! You aren't seriously going to go there? Damn!). Video games have been played to the point of how many more times can we play that game and not get bored with it? Card games, cat games, house cleaning, laundry, expertise, going for a jog or skateboarding.... You name it, we've done it by now.

What I want to know is how with all this time together in each others hair have we not killed each other? This is what's baffling me. Now I'm glad we haven't because that would be an awkward situation to explain (and neither of us are capable of doing such things) but this isolation is just freaking weird. Benefits of this will be we'll grow stronger as a couple for sure by the end and we can emerge back into the world, but when? When can we fully enjoy the day without fear of the outside world hurting us and judging us? WHEN?!?

Well, I guess a positive of this isolation lockdown is that I've finally started my blog adventures and hopefully this will be the kick in the butt I need to keep it up, learn, grow, connect and share with the world!

Heres to whatever 2020 may bring. Please let it be kind soon <3


(here's a picture of my demon Loki enjoying cuddle time and an old Vincent Price movie)

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