I’m clearly just being petty, right?

So this is take two of writing for tonight. I haven’t written in what, like two weeks maybe? And the one I was just doing started to sound so petty and jealous I guess that I just couldn’t keep writing it.

Basically, I was saying I feel like I’ve lost my fiancé to Sim Racing and that his best friend has taken over most of his time with them playing these races (it’s not his fault, when boys get new toys they have to try them out like to the extreme or until they're fed up right?). I also should add, he’s been playing these racing games for years and that I don’t mind at all. I love watching him race, but not when it involves some irritating moments....

Anyways, it was going to turn petty right? I’m just super tired, super fed up, super going crazy from lockdown and I’m just a moody cow! Lockdown has me down that’s for sure. I got the lockdown blues!

I can’t take it no more!!! I actually want to be back at work. I sound crazy and I know I will hate getting up at stupid o’clock and lifting, shifting, ironing and dressing things like a madwomen again but..... just I need something again. I’ve got loads I can do, loads I can learn. I shouldn’t complain, I shouldn’t whine. I’m doing fine. I just feel very disassociated with everything. Disconnect and feel like nothing is real anymore.

I’m being silly. I should be glad I’m happy, healthy and have the love of my life and furbaby by my side. This vampire just needs some sleep, clearly!

So, before I go. How is everyone else holding up during their lockdown/quarantine? I hope you’re all well and safe.

Love from the Trash Gremlin,

Davina ♥️

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