Sleeping pattern, what’s one of those?

So we’re one day 5,000,000 of lockdown here in the UK. Well, it feels like it’s been that long....

now, being abit of an introvert this usually wouldn’t bother me. You see, my normal day would be get up and get ready for work, be at work 8-9 hours around some of the most extroverted people ever (which just being around them drains my energy, I don’t mind though because I like working with them), head home and curlup chilling in my pjs watching Netflix or playing video games recharging my energy. That’s my normal day. This....this is....

I can’t even....

My days are so weird. Please tell me other people’s days are just as uneventful, boring, tiring (HOW the hell is it tiring?!? I’m not exerting excessive amounts of energy. So how?), a little depressing and kind of repetitive. I swear it’s now a blur of what day is it And how much can I actually sleep till this ends?

Here’s t thing. When I was working, I’m up early. I mean EARLY. Getting up before or with the sun so now with my normal routine not there I’m still doing it. My cat is used to me being up early to feed him so I’m still naturally waking up to feed him, then going back to bed to only be able to lay there awake for like an hour or two, fall asleep and wake up three hours later to only have a nap in the afternoon (and yes two to three hours IS a nap lmao), then I’m up till maybe midnight. We go to bed, watch something and I’ll go either two ways: fall asleep pretty quick or I’ll be laying there ages waiting for sleep to take me out to repeat the same cycle all over again.

As the fiancé says “I swear you’re a fucking vampire woman!”

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